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Look Up Foundation, a 501c3 based in Nashville TN, is participating in its first Run-A-Thon to raise money for not one, but two brand new resources for children & adolescents who are navigating through loss & grief: The Look Up Foundation Book Series.

October 2017, Shanna Henderson (PKA, Harper Grae) & Shelley Kensler embarked on a cross country research trip to gather and create materials, which have now been turned into two books. One book caters towards a 12 and under audience, while the other speaks to a 13 and over audience.

Look Up Foundation is now turning to you to help with the next development phase:

Printing & Publishing

So, Look Up Foundation is sending two runners, Shanna Henderson & Victoria Hutchins, to run 26.2 miles in the Austin Marathon on February 18th. Not only are they running to raise money for printing and publishing, but they are also running in honor & on behlaf of anyone who finds themselves navigating through loss and grief; whether that be from losing a parent, loved one or friend in recent times or in years gone by. 

"I lost my mother in Decemeber 2017 and my grandmother in January 2018. I am running in memory of the life they lived and am happy to be raising money for two new resources that will be able to help our future generation cope with loss. "- President of Look Up Foundation, Shanna Henderson

Look Up Foundation is excited to participate in this fundraiser and hope we can count on you to help us reach our next goal. Please consider selecting one of our pre-set donation amounts which are based on each of our runners running 26.2 miles. Please share this webpage with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or through email by selecting the buttons beneath our pictures. Thanks in advance for your support.



Remember, all donations are tax deductibleby using our EIN: 82-2579712

How are funds used?

Your generous support of our team's fundraiser will help us to provide a designer & editor as well as cover the hard costs associated with printing and publishing.


Designer, 100 prints of both books: $2,974

Designer, 250 prints of both books: $3,919

Designer, 500 prints of both books: $5,594