Please support Hagerty Senior Prom 2023 and help us reach our goal. Thank you in advance.

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We would love your support for our Prom Fundraiser. We are raising money to provide our students with a memorable and safe prom experience. Your contribution towards this fundraiser will help us to accomplish that goal. Please share this webpage with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or through email by selecting the buttons beneath our images. Thanks in advance for your support.

How are funds used?

Your generous support of our group's fundraiser will help us to provide the best possible experience for our students. By meeting our financial goal, we will continue to develop students to have the best possible experience.

  • Venue Rental

    Venue Rental - $1,000

    DONATION IMPACT: A great venue will help leave lasting memories for Seniors. Your donation of $1000 will help pay for this cost.

  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage - $500

    DONATION IMPACT: Good eats and refreshments are key at Prom. Your contribution of $500 will help cover these costs that quickly add up per person.

  • Decorations

    Decorations - $250

    DONATION IMPACT: Prom décor and keepsakes will be remembered forever. Your contribution of $250 will go toward decorations, theme supplies, student gifts, coronation items and more.

  • Student Ticket

    Student Ticket - $100

    DONATION IMPACT: Student fees are a necessary piece of prom. Your donation of $100 will help lower that cost that students will pay.

  • Photography and Favors

    Photography and Favors - $50

    DONATION IMPACT: A photo will help capture the dream night forever. Your donation of $50 will help pay for favors, lighting, backdrops, and picture frames.

  • Average Amount - $91.00

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