Donation Templates

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Rally your baseball team to raise money using this template. We've created what you need to raise the money you are looking for.

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Your community is ready to support your season. Everything you need has already been created for a successful fundraiser.

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This fundraiser is a homerun and it’s ready for your team to start today. You’re all set to go with this template. Let’s get started.

A-thon Templates

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Softball Hit-a-Thon

Use the Softball Hit-a-Thon to raise money for your team. Let’s get going. Everything you need has already been created.

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Football Lift-a-Thon

Lift your way to raising money for your Football team with a Lift-a-Thon. This fundraiser is ready for your team to begin today.

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Baseball Hit-a-Thon

The baseball Hit-a-Thon is a proven baseball fundraiser. Let’s get started. Everything you need has already been created.

Raffle Templates

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Fall/Spring Festival

Get the most out of your next Festival by running an online raffle leading up to the event.

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Ultimate Prom

Go to prom in style while raising money for your school. An Ultimate Prom Raffle from TeamWorks is the way to go. Get started now.

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School Lunch

A free lunch for a semester can earn your school thousands. Click here to find out how.

Service Templates

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Car Wash

It’s a classic fundraiser with a profitable twist. Wash cars in your community and use TeamWorks to sell tickets in advance.

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Creek Clean-Up

Raise money and offer your community a valuable service cleaning up a local Creek. Use TeamWorks to accept donations.

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Park Clean-Up

Everyone enjoys hanging out in the Park, but are they clean? Raise some money and serve your community with this Template.