This Volleyball fundraiser will raise the money you need to compete. Hit your fundraising targets using this donation template.

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What’s offered:
Select this fundraiser to easily create a donation-based fundraiser and raise money for your team. This fundraiser provides your supporters with an opportunity to help you raise money for team travel, equipment and more. Your supporters can easily donate using your customized fundraising webpage. We’ve already created your page showing how Supporters can help. Select the “view fundraising webpage” to check out this fundraiser.
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Select this fundraiser and provide some basic information. Follow our step by step guide to run this fundraiser and contact us if you want to chat about anything as you get started.
Customize your Fundraising Webpage
This fundraiser is designed for your school to use our template and add some specifics about your goals for raising money. We encourage you to customize your webpage with photos, video, a message to supporters and more. We’ve already created pre-set donation amounts for typical team fundraising needs like “Team Travel” but feel free to change these as needed. This site allows your supporters to donate to your organization online and avoid managing cash and checks.
Promoting your Fundraiser
TeamWorks provides all of the tools needed to run a highly effective fundraiser. Your participants can share their fundraising webpage using our built-in integrations to Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.
Once your participants share their fundraising webpage, TeamWorks will process all donations on our secure servers and send money directly to you upon completion of the fundraiser. You can set individual fundraising goals and TeamWorks will automatically report on the performance of each of your participants, money raised to date, and much more.

The donation levels, descriptions and images below are editable.
Level Amount Your Profit
Donation more $1,000.00 $800.30
Donation more $500.00 $400.15
Donation more $250.00 $200.08
Donation more $100.00 $80.03
Donation more $50.00 $40.02
Donation more $35.00 $28.01

Calculate how to reach your goal!

To reach your goal:

Each member must obtain:
$- in Donations
Our players appreciate support from their friends and family. This fundraiser is a great way they can make a direct impact.
Head Coach, State Volleyball League

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