Raise money and improve student reading skills. Everything you need has already been created for a successful fundraiser.

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What’s offered:

This fundraiser gives your supporters the opportunity to donate to your organization based on students reading for 10 designated sessions. Don’t worry, you can increase or decrease the number of sessions according to your curriculum or age/ability of student.

Read-a-Thons give your group the opportunity to raise money while increasing student reading abilities. Here’s how to get started:


Select this fundraiser and provide some basic information. If you would like to track your progress by sub-groups like classes for example, you can easily do this during your set-up. Your readers will then register for that particular class and you’re ready to start.

Customize your Fundraising Webpage

This fundraiser is ready to go as we’ve created it, but we encourage you to customize your webpage with photos, videos, a message to supporters and more. This site allows your supporters to donate to your Read-a-Thon online and avoid managing cash and checks.

Promoting your Fundraiser

TeamWorks provides all of the tools needed to run a highly effective fundraiser. Your readers can share their site using our built-in integrations to Facebook, email, and more. All monies raised from each reader’s site will be attributed to the appropriate person and group.


This fundraiser is based on your readers completing 10 separate reading “sessions”. Each reader will be responsible to raise money by asking supporters to donate a certain amount of money per session. This template has been created with donation amounts of $10, $25, $50, $75 and $100 or your supporters can enter an alternate amount. You can adjust this fundraiser to fit your needs by editing the number of sessions, price per session and more. Your Supporters are essentially donating to each reader in advance of the event, and therefore you will not need to go back to each supporter and collect money as that has been done upfront using TeamWorks.

We suggest that you set aside a two week period when the reading will be completed during the school day. You decide the length of time for each “session”. You can either assign specific materials to read or let your readers choose what they would like to read.


This is a fun and successful fundraiser for all your readers. The TeamWorks solution allows you to track progress for each class and for individual readers. Offer incentives for fundraising performance and use TeamWorks to help you track their performance against their goals. We will be sending you periodic emails to offer advice and our Fundraising Coaches are always ready to help you with any questions that you have.

The donation levels, descriptions and images below are editable.
Level Amount Your Profit
Diamond Level more $100.00 $80.03
Platinum Level more $75.00 $60.02
Gold Level more $50.00 $40.02
Silver Level more $25.00 $20.01
Bronze Level more $10.00 $8.00

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Each member must obtain:
$- in Sponsorships
I love fundraisers that have a direct, personal benefit. Who wouldn’t want to support a child developing critical reading skills?
Elementary School Parent

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    Customize your webpage with photos, video, a message to supporters and more.

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