VIP Graduation

VIP Graduation

Go to the head of the class with a VIP Graduation raffle that will have you seeing dollar signs. Click here to get started.

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What’s offered:

Graduation can be a stressful time. Not only for the students graduating, but for the family members who are coming to watch the ceremony. The venue is packed, parking is scarce, you’re running late, and watching from the standing section in back doesn’t give a very personal experience. Why not create a highly desirable “VIP Graduation” experience with a raffle contest that can also raise money for your school? Using an online raffle through TeamWorks will make fundraising easy. Build your graduation raffle to include a VIP reserved parking spot, front row audience seats for family, front row seat for graduating student, custom frame for showcasing diploma and a dinner certificate for post event. Leverage relationships to get the dinner and frame donated and then your raffle is cost-effective and risk-free.

You’ll want to communicate when your raffle will take place, and whether the proceeds go toward something specific, or general school funding. Offer your supporters an easy way to try to win, and watch your fundraising dollars add up!

Here’s how to get started:


Select this raffle fundraiser, secure your donated services and items, and provide some basic information. Follow our step by step guide to run this raffle fundraiser and contact us if you want to chat about anything as you get started.

Customize your Fundraising Webpage

This fundraiser is designed for your school to use our template and add some specifics about your goals for raising money. We encourage you to customize your webpage with photos, video, a message to supporters and where the proceeds are going. We’ve created pre-set quantities of raffle tickets for purchase, but these amounts as well as pricing options, can be changed to better support your fundraising goal. This site allows your supporters the opportunity to donate to your organization online and avoid managing cash and checks.

Promoting your Fundraiser

TeamWorks provides all of the tools needed to run a highly effective fundraiser. Your participants can share their fundraising webpage using our built-in integrations to Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.


Once your participants share their raffle fundraising webpage with supporters, TeamWorks will process all donations on our secure servers and send money directly to you upon completion of the fundraiser. You can set individual fundraising goals and TeamWorks will automatically report on the performance of participants, money raised to date, and much more.

The number of raffle tickets and dollar amount per package listed below are adjustable. Please change the numbers to help you achieve your fundraising goal, if needed. You can also add images and descriptions for each package.
Item Retail Your Profit
Ten Raffle Tickets more $75.00 $60.01
Seven Raffle Tickets more $55.00 $44.01
Three Raffle Tickets more $25.00 $20.00
One Raffle Ticket more $10.00 $7.99

Calculate how to reach your goal!

To reach your goal:

Your group must sell:
- Service Vouchers
Each member must sell:
- Service Vouchers
Family members local and long-distance were so excited about this raffle. Everyone wanted to take the stress out of the actual ceremony and win this package – it’s an awesome idea. AND one that helped us raise money for the Senior Class Trip. Such a win-win!
Graduation Coach, North Carolina High School

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