Mulch Madness Fundraiser 2020 - NV1

Mulch Madness Fundraiser 2020 - NV1

Supplier: JK Enterprises

A great way to help your neighbors and raise funds for your organization

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What’s offered:

JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC. has an exciting, proven program for school athletic departments, non-profits, or any organization that needs help raising funds. We believe we have the best program to help organizations maximize their fund raising efforts. Our Cedar Valley product line of mulches have been aged to perfection, have a natural dark brown color that is rich in nutrients, and is produced locally. Our mulch is carefully selected from quality, clean, mixed hardwoods; your fund raising efforts help with environmental concerns since, as a result, less material is sent to local landfills. This program will help you maximize your fund raising efforts by offering products most people in the community already purchase for their homes. Why not tap into existing community funds and also help the environment? You make 30% to 40% margins an all sales of our bagged mulch products. It is that simple, get started today.

Here’s how to get started:


Select JK Enterprises Mulch Madness fundraiser and get your members / players to leverage their relationships around your community. If you would like to track your progress by sub-groups like grade level or JV and Varsity for example, you can easily do this during your set-up. Your member / players will then register and select that particular group and you’re ready to start.

Customize your Fundraising Webpage

All of the products, descriptions and images are ready to go but we encourage you to customize your fundraising webpage with photos, a message to supporters and more. This online site allows your supporters to purchase mulch products for their home as well as place donations to your organization online and you avoid managing cash and checks.

Promoting your Fundraiser

TeamWorks provides all of the tools needed to run a highly effective fundraiser. Your member / players can share your fundraising webpage using our built-in integrations to Facebook, email, and more. All monies raised from each purchase on their storefront will be attributed to the appropriate person and group.

Offer Prizes or Awards

Offering prizes or awards is easy with TeamWorks because we track all sales and profit to the participating member / player.


This is a great fundraiser because all of your members / players and their parents will be excited to sell a product that their friends are already planning to purchase. Once the selling period is over, JK Enterprises will ship all of the mulch products to you and your volunteers will either deliver to the customers or you can have your customers pick their order up from a single location. Everyone will want to do this fundraiser year after year and your supporters will be excited to purchase each year.

*Additional shipping – click on products for details
Item Retail Your Profit
Bagged Mulch Products
Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch - 3 cuft bags more $4.75 $1.17
Color Enhance Ruby Red Mulch 2 cubic foot more $4.75 $1.17
Color Enhanced Black Mulch 2 cubic foot more $4.75 $1.17
Color Enhanced Brown Mulch 2 cubic foot more $4.75 $1.17

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We raised $12,000 over a four week sale!

Coach Roberts

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